Fall Lecture
"The Cutting Edge of the Frontier"
by Mark B. Myers,

Historical Preservationist
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"the 14th of the 9th 1738/ then my impostum brok
and the Seme year I Bilt my nu Hous"

Built upon the brow of a gentle hill in Chester County's West Marlborough Township, Primitive Hall is a handsome manor house which stands today much as it did when it was constructed by Joseph Pennock in 1738. The house dominates a tract of land more modest than the 1,250 acres of which it was the focus nearly 250 years ago, but the quiet countryside of farms and rolling fields is even today an appropriate setting for this sturdy structure.

The Hall, now owned by the Primitive Hall Foundation, a non-profit organization whose Board of Trustees comprises descendants of Joseph Pennock, is a huge house of generous proportions. But it is simple in its plan.

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